My Journey and how you can get started

One goal for my 2020 was rebranding. My style has changed a lot in the past couple of months and so have I. Creation is where my passion lays and I almost went to become a graphic designer, but I choose not to became I felt that creativity & inspiration comes in sparks and forcing myself into that didn’t sound like a good idea. However I do love design and everything about it. So I wanted to take you with my on this rebranding process and hopefully give you some inspiration too! 

This all started around October when one of my best friends from high school told me she always wanted to help other/coach them into pursuing their dream. This encouragement I needed to decide to rebrand myself. I had been studying in Sheffield for 6 months and that break had given me so much inspiration and excitement to start the new year with a new jacket. So even though I could not do photoshoots, it has been busy behind the scenes. 

The main goal was to make a new website. Apart from it being esthetic and good working, I also wanted it to represent me. A website is a representative of who you are and that was was most important to me. And making ‘you’ in visual form is a challenging process

Color palette

Logo Design

Fonts match

Website builder

Color Palette

A very key point to the visuals of your website. Different colors evoke a different emotion. I new I wanted to go for a pastel green. My style is very much soft and light and the green is a color which is often found in my photos. My secondaire color needed to be some kind of a pop. I decided to go with red, just because it’s my favorite color. Combining the two was a very long and tedious task. Because my favorite shade of red just didn’t fit the pastel green. Here you can see some different variations.

Minh Dan Vu