I got the Canon R6!

I really am a nerd when it comes to technology and I can spend days looking at reviews and comparisons. When I invest in new gear, I thoroughly do my research. Even though my current camera, the Canon 6D Mark 2, is not that old at all, I already started to run into its limits. The camera is still fine but I decided to switch to the technology of the future.

The points why I chose the canon R6

  • Firstly, improved performance. Especially the noise performance and dynamic range is a big step forward compared to my Canon 6DMII. I can now retrieve much more detail from the highlights and shadows.
  • Duo card slot. This is crucial for the many trips I do, and therefore the photoshoots that cannot be repeated. Because of the duo card slot, the camera writes the files to 2 cards at the same time, making sure that, if one SD would corrupt, there is an instant backup on the second SD.
  • IBIS which stands for ‘in-body image stabilization’ this means that the camera stabilizes most of your movements which results in that I can almost shoot out of hand with a shutter speed of 1/30 second without getting motion blur.
  • It has an fps of 12 (expandable to 20). In comparison, with the Canon 6DMII, which only has 6.5, that’s a huge step forward and means that I won’t be missing any moments of an action shot anymore.

And finally, what really is a game-changer for me is that it has an eye-tracking focus. So it follows the eye of the horse or the dog. I tested it right away and where there used to be 60 of the 100 pictures sharp on the eye, there are now more than 90 of the 100 pictures sharp.

Here I took some comparison photos between the Canon R6 and Canon 6DMii. In every case the top photo is the Canon 6DMii and bottom is Canon R6.

Firstly I wanted to see a comparison with backlight. To see how good the dynamic range is. It is a slight difference but you can see more details in het highlights and shadows on the plants on the R6

I jumped straight to higher ISO because on low ISO levels both cameras perform great. On ISO 1600 you can start seeing the noise in the background. Nothing to bad though.

The next picture are taken on ISO 6400. I never reach these levels of ISO but I was surprised that the R6 quality is still workable. There is noise but it is a very soft, monochrome noise. Compared to the Canon 6DMii where you see a lot of color noise.

Lastly I took the same pictures as above and bumped up the shadows to +100 to see the dynamic range again. Here you can clearly see the difference in quality and noise performance.

All in all, I am very satisfied with the Canon R6! Let me know what camera you have and what you think of it! If you want to see the pictures for yourself you can download them here: