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Last week I finally bought a new camera. I have owned my Canon 6D for almost 4 years now and it was time to upgrade. I have gone back and forth about which camera I wanted to get since there are so many options to choose from. In the end, I chose the Canon 6D MII and a lot of you wanted to know why I chose this particular camera. I hope you will learn something from this!

What I like about my Canon 6D

Hands down the quality. It is just so good! The sharpness, the depth of field and the ISO performance. Four years ago I went from the Canon 550D, a beginners camera, to the full frame Canon 6D and everything about it was just better. I can go up to ISO 2000/3200 safely knowing it won’t rain with noise. I know I can trust the camera to perform well in bad light conditions. I actually liked everything about this camera but…

What I dislike about my Canon 6D

The ‘fps’. It stands for frames per second. The higher the fps, the more pictures the camera can take per second. The Canon 6D has an fps of 4,5. Which is not really slow but when you shoot a lot of action photos you do miss a lot of moments. And yes, I could be timing better, but just to a certain extent. For example, when the horse bucks, I can not know when he is at his highest point. The second reason is that the Canon 6D is simply getting a bit old. It came out in 2012 so the technology is already almost 7 years old. I have also owned it for 4 years now and it has been with me all over the world. For portrait photography, the Canon 6D is an absolute dream, but for action photography, it is just too slow in my opinion. Nevertheless, for my next camera I surely wanted to keep all the amazing features of my Canon 6D.

The candidates

Canon 7D MII, Canon 5D MII, Canon 5D MIV and of course the Canon 6D MII. I stayed with Canon because I just love their interface. Also, I have this lens, the Canon 70-200 f2.8 which I am not planning on selling.

  1. Canon 7D MII. Since the fps was one of the reasons to switch, I immediately had to think about the Canon 7D range, as they are designed for action. The Canon 7D MII has a fps of 10 which is insanely fast. You will capture every moment. But I knew I wanted to stay in the Full frame range because of the quality and depth of field so in the end that was a no for me
  2. .Canon 5D MIII. A camera I have dreamed about since the beginning of my photography journey. High quality, full frame and a fps of 6. I got the chance to test it out and I found out that even though the fps of the camera is only 1,5 frames faster, the camera was fast enough. The only downside was that my hands nearly fell off at the end of the day because of its weight, which is 950g. So that was a no, even though it is a great camera and pretty much everything I was looking for.
  3. Canon 5D MIV. This camera builds on the powerful legacy of the 5D series, offering amazing image quality, performance and versatility. When I watched videos comparing the Canon 5D MIV with the 6D, there were a lot of points where the 5D MIV performed better than the Canon 6D MII, but those were not the points I wanted to be improved, such as a higher possible shutter speed (1/8000 vs 1/4000), an extra SD slot etc. I didn’t want to spend the extra coin for features I wouldn’t be using anyway. Because of this, it was a no for me.
  4. The Canon 6D MII has an articulating touchscreen, a fps of 6,5 and a higher sensor resolution. It does have a worse dynamic range according to the specs, however, I haven’t had time to test that out yet. I will be comparing that soon and will keep you updated here. But I don’t believe it will have that big of a difference.

So that’s why I eventually chose to get the Canon 6D MII. The upgrade was originally planned for next summer, but I just couldn’t resist the Cyber Monday deal I found. The Canon 6D was everything I wanted in a camera, but the fps just really held me back in taking action pictures. If you would like to see some more information on the specs, www.cameradecision.com is a really nice website where you can compare cameras.

I hope by sharing my thoughts I have managed to teach you something! Remember, it’s not the camera who takes the photo, but the person behind it.

Thank you for reading and have a nice day!

P.S. When I sold my Canon 6D we made some comparison with pictures with the Canon 700D. You can see the difference between full frame and crop camera. Left is the Canon 6D and right is the Canon 700D.

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