August 2020

A place just 10 minutes from my house where the horses walk free; De Oostvaardersplassen

It all started with a ‘Will you join me on a trip to Portugal the 18th?’ half jokingly send by Michelle on April 12th. Answered by a ‘Well, yes why not? I am available’ So, the planning started for this spontaneous, some might say crazy, one day trip.

Michelle is a flight attendent who was working that day. As a flight attendent you can bring someone as IPB so it was unsure till the end if there would be a seat available. Luckily there was a place available so I got to sit at the back off the plane on a jumpseat with the rest of the crew. They were all super nice. I had a great conversation with one of the flight attendents who told me about his work. As a FA you will work at crazy hours but you will see a lot of the world and for that, I might make a career switch. The flight went smoothly and after saying bye to the crew we were going to meet Barbara from @equestrez who waited for us at the airport.

Equestrez is a company started by two passionated people who both shared love for photography and the equestrian world. This trip was to get to know each other before having a photo tour in July.

We rented a car, a cute cabrio fiat 500 and drove to our first destination.

Our first photoshoot was at academic of dressage where we met @afonsobrodrigues. I remembered a moment where I was just staring and Barbara asked me what was wrong. I said I was just enjoying the Portuguese landscape, the hills, the greenery, something we don’t see in Holland. It was just breathtaking.

Afonso gave us a quick tour of the stables. It was huge, beautiful and autenthic. The weather forecast was rainy but we had full sun all day long.

Afonso has a 13 year old Lusitano horse, named Botelho, which he owns for 10 years now. I adored the way he treats with his horse. You can see they are a team. Afonso knows exactly how to model so there was not a lot of directing to do.

After that Afonso joined us for the last shoot of the day. We drove an hour to the beach. Meanwhile enjoying the Portuguese landscape from our cabrio. After a while we could already see the sea. We took some pictures, drank some and had good laughs.

The sun was setting soon but luckily are models arrived just in time for the golden hour. @jacobobotero came with his two horses. I can’t describe how awesome it was. We had some clouds which resulted in soft pastel toned skies. The light, locations, models and company were all fantastic.

Afterwards we had some nice dinner and said our goodbye’s. Michelle and I had to leave for the airport the next morning at 3 am for our flight home.

So that was it! Very short, but very fun. It’s a trip I won’t forget very soon! In a couple of months when I have edited all the pictures I’ll make a blogpost about it.

Thank you Barbara for helping us with this trip. For your good spirits and your kindness. Thank you Michelle for bringing me with you on this trip and for trusting me with this spontaneous trip. Thank you Afonso for the laughs (animal emoji) and the last minute amazing photoshoot. And last but not least, thank you Jacobo & Sofia for driving all the way up to the beach, for your generosity, time and effort. I see you all very soon 😀