Photo tour Italy 2019


Date: 30 august – 2 september 2019
Location: Fiuggi and Tuscania
Duration: 4 days, 3 nights
Available spots: 3

Italy, the land of the world’s greatest works of architecture, art and amazing food! Join me and Giulia Orsatti on this 4 day photo tour through Fiuggi and Tuscania. We have planned photoshoots at unique locations with stunning Italian horses such as the Murgese and the Maremmano. We are super excited to share this experience with three of you. Will you join us on this photo tour?


Day 1 | Friday 30/08

Morning – Arrival at airport Rome (FCO)
Afternoon – Travel to Fiuggi (1 hr)
Evening – Photoshoot 1

Day 2 | Saturday 31/08

Morning – Photoshoot 2
Afternoon – Travel to Tuscania (2,5 hr)
Evening – Photoshoot 3

Day 3 | Sunday 01/09

Morning – Photoshoot 4
Afternoon – Photoshoot 5+Travel to Fiuggi (2.5 hr)
Evening – Photoshoot 6

Day 4 | Monday 02/09

Morning – Photoshoot 7
Afternoon – Travel to Rome (1 hr)
Evening – Departure from airport Rome (FCO)

Arrival & Departure

We will pick you up and drop you off from and to the airport Rome (FCO). Please confirm your flight times with one of us before booking to make sure it fits in the programme.

Our first shoot will be on Friday August 30th in the evening in Fiuggi. Please plan your arrival in the morning to airport Rome (FCO). In the afternoon we will travel by car from Rome to Fiuggi. 

Our last shoot will be in the morning on Monday September 2nd. Please plan your departure in the evening from airport Rome (FCO). In the afternoon we will travel by car from Fiuggi to Rome.

Italy & Stay

Located along the Mediterranean Sea, Italy’s varied terrain brings different temperatures to the country during August. Most of Italy has plenty of sunshine at this time of year. Rainfall is low in August, but please bring rain protection just in case. Average temperatures hover around 27 °C at the start of the month, cooling down to 25 °C as September draws near. Most of our photoshoots are planned in the morning and evening. Bring summer clothes and also something warm since it can cool down in the evening.

The first night we will be staying at hotel Trieste in Fiuggi in double rooms. The hotel has towels, a hairdryer, shampoo and breakfast. Our second night we will be staying at a hotel in Tuscania. The last night we will get back to Fiuggi at the same hotel. If you prefer a single room, please contact us.

Price €450,-


  • Hotel
  • Breakfast
  • Equine models
  • Commercial use
  • Permission unique locations
  • Transport to and from shootings and airport


  • Insurance
  • Flight tickets
  • Lunch and dinner
  • Personal expenses
  • Camera / laptop gear
  • Extra meals and snacks

Extra information

This photo tour is suitable for beginners and advanced photographers. It is recommended to know your camera before joining the tour since this is not a workshop. We will help you with any questions, but the purpose of this tour is to build your portfolio, to photograph different settings and to have fun! Please, bring the following with you: camera, telephoto lens, batteries, SD cards, laptop and/or external hard drive.

Come meet us!

Ciao! I’m Giulia and I am twenty-one years old from Italy. I’m studying Languages and Literature. I have been photographing since I was a child. I loved to shoot with my father’s camera until 2012, when I decided to start a more professional approach. I love to meet new people. I can’t wait to share our photo tour with you!

Giulia Orsatti

Hi! My name is Minh Dan. I am twenty years old and I am living in The Netherlands. Currently, I am a second year architecture student. I have been photographing since 2012 and I love to capture moments between horse and human. I love to travel and that is why I am so excited for this photo tour and I hope you will join us! Let’s make some fun!

Minh Dan Vu

Contact us!

Interested in joining Giulia and me on this photo tour? Sign up through the contact form down below. We would like for everyone to join, however, since we want the tour to be unique and special we prefer to work in a smaller group. Keep in mind when signing up through the contact form down below your spot is not secured yet.  

We want to ask you to tell us about yourself and to send your portfolio to make sure we have a diverse mix between beginners and advanced photographers and to get to know you.  Follow us on social media to keep up to date. Feel free to contact Giulia or me for any questions.  


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